Project "Healing the Children of War"

       As part of the "Helping Children and Youth of Ukraine" program, the UA : United All foundation has made a significant contribution to activities for children whose parents serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The project, aimed at providing children the opportunity to detach from the realities of the war sparked by Russia's aggression, proved to be a successful and unforgettable experience for all participants.

        To create positive memories and escape from the stressful situations of wartime, we focused on organizing a retreat for 75 children from the cities of Żytomierz and Vinnytsia. This project not only gave children the chance to enjoy bright moments of childhood but also helped alleviate the negative impact of the war events on their mental well-being.

         A vital aspect of project realization was the partnership with individuals from Poland and Ukraine who didn't remain indifferent. Collective efforts yielded significant results and orchestrated an unforgettable celebration for the children.

     Special recognition goes to the exceptional individuals: Anna Rzepa (Head of the Program Council), Krzysztof Jankowski (Director of ZSP No. 3 in Gdynia), Anna Romanova (Director of High School No. 7 in Vinnytsia), the Благодійний Фонд "Справжні Українці" Foundation, Aneta Marczak (Representative of Spilno and UNICEF, Gdynia), and Konrad Chmiel (Shift Commander of the "Róża Wiatrów" Camp in Szklana Huta). Their active participation and dedication to the project's ideals were invaluable, creating a unique atmosphere of celebration and joy.

      The UA : United All Foundation expresses deep gratitude to all partners and helpers whose efforts contributed to the successful realization of the project. On behalf of the children and their parents on the frontlines, the foundation extends heartfelt thanks for the significant contribution to supporting Ukrainian youth.

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Foundation "UA : United All"

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