Wheelchairs, like a gift from the heart, a symbol of community

Today, we share an incredibly touching event that has had a positive impact on the lives of many people in Ukraine. Thanks to your support and generosity, we were able to deliver wheelchairs to a hospital in Andrushivka.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Благодійний Фонд "Справжні Українці" foundation for their fruitful collaboration in distributing the wheelchairs. You are the best! A shining example of what a Ukrainian volunteer should be.

These wheelchairs are not just objects; they are gifts from the heart, symbols of community - coming together in challenging times for humanity. It is your generosity that made it possible for these wheelchairs to reach those who needed them most.

All your acts of kindness and support enable us to continue our mission of assistance and contribute to creating a better world for many people. We thank you for your hearts full of empathy and readiness to take action.

We believe that together, we can achieve even greater miracles. Thanks to all of you, the world becomes a better place, and our foundation, "UA: United All," is proud to have such wonderful people to count on.

Believe in the power of HELP, because you have the power to become a true hero of fraternal life today.

Visit unitedall.pl or get in touch with us - let's do good together.

With gratitude, The "UA: United All" Foundation

Payment details:

Foundation "UA: United All"

Account number: 11 1020 3541 0000 5202 0376 2127 (currency: PLN)

PL 53 1020 3541 0000 5902 0376 2580 (currency: EUR)

PL 98 1020 3541 0000 5202 0376 2598 (currency: USD)


PayPal: ua.unitedall@gmail.com

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