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Does the war concern us?

If we allow Russia to forcibly occupy any country, it means that we could be the next victims. The appetite grows with eating. There was Georgia, then Crimea, and now Ukraine - who will be next?

If war comes to your country...

Neither your home, work, business, nor money will be worth anything. War will turn everything into ashes. And your family will lose their peace and security. This can be prevented. We must do everything we can to end the war as soon as possible and prevent its return. The aggressor must be stopped. We must overcome the beast, so that it does not ruthlessly defeat us

Will there be a war in my country tomorrow?

Mariupol until 24.02.2022 Mariupol after 24.02.2022
Vilnius until 24.02.2022 Vilnius after ??.??.????
Kharkiv until 24.02.2022 Kharkiv after 24.02.2022
Krakow until 24.02.2022 Krakow after ??.??.????

You can prevent this

Take care of your own security!

Are we ready for...

Children to sleep in basements

Daily alarms to suppress our lives

Our loved ones and friends dying

Our cities being destroyed

No access to water,

heat, or electricity

Being refugees in

another country

Lessons taking place 

in shelters

Children being


You can prevent this

Take care of your own security!